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The Model Railroad - The model railroad practise consists of collect, build and run model railroad miniatures and allows modellers to work with their own layouts and idealize their own railroad world.

We understand that the children´s main job is to "play". The model railroad plays an important role as a unsual toy. It gives to children and youth alike, the possibility of develop their rational, logical and intuitive thought. We learned thar it is in the childhood that individuals receive their best stimulus to became a different person in the future.

Values - Most important human relationships can be brought to life playing with trains, i.e, "parents and sons", "grandfather and grandchildren", "friends", etc. The model railroad practice enable people to have simple moments of fun.

My first Train Set - Frateschi offers you 9 types of basic train sets for start having fun with such an interesting hobby. Each of them has different types of locomotives, freight cars or passengers cars. They have mainly the same technical features:- 1 Locomotive

- 3 Freight or Passenger Cars
- 1 Straight track section (220 mm) - 4220
- 1 Straight terminal track (220 mm) - 4220-L
- 12 Curved track section (30º x 360 mm radius) - 4188
- 1 Control Unit


REF. Descrição Ferrovia Loco / Vagões / Carros
6504 Expresso Trem de Prata MRS-RFFSA 3032+2505+2506+2507
6505 Expresso Santa Cruz RFFSA 3008+2500+2501+2504
6508 Trem de passageiros antigo D&RG 3032+2615+2x 2616
6510 Trem de passageiros antigo EFCB 3010+2490+2x 2491
6511 Cargueiro geral RFFSA 3001+2017+2076+2025
6512 Cargueiro geral FEPASA 3002+2024+2069+2020
6520 Cargueiro geral ALL 3044+2074+2063+2067
6522 Cargueiro geral MRS 3032+3x 2100
6526 Cargueiro geral RUMO G12+3x 2087

How to Increase My Electric Train - After you have acquired the basic box of his first ELECTRIC TRAIN and started living the model railroad you must increase and expand its route. For this, the Frateschi offers "customized" expansion boxes so you do not waste your time and invest in a balanced way its resources. They are the boxes HOBBY RAIL that make up the system A, B, C. .

Mount Your Railway - Frateschi offers a number of buildings to mount as houses, houses, bridges, cabins, etc. They are rich details that will make your model a real city.

Getting Started - Learn more about our aid publications to novice modeler they are, ABC model railroad and Railways to Build You, which can be purchased in Frateschi resellers, find the closest to you. Click here.



These tracks sets are the best choice for beginners and enable the expansion of your first layout in a practical and easy way. You will have to start always from any of the BASIC SETS shown in the previous pages. Packages contain all parts required except control units, which will be purchased separately when necessary.

You may choose the HOBBY TRACK sets you wish, according to the dimensions and operational possibilities of the layout you want to build, and keep in mind that you way expand it step by step, a set at a time. Check these seven possibilities or try other ones as described in the RAILWAYS TO YOU BUILD layout handbook.


See Layout A + B + C
6405 -  "A" SET 
6406 - "B" SET
6407 - "C" SET


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